Slow Homemaking (10 Simple Ways to Bring it Back)

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In the past, homemaking was often a slower and more intentional process, given it was done primarily by hand and required more time and effort. Slow homemaking changed when new technologies and consumer culture emerged, placing a greater emphasis on speed and efficiency in the home.

Today, slow homemaking is making a comeback as a response to the fast-paced and often stressful nature of modern life.


Modern homemakers have realized that by taking a slower and more intentional approach to homemaking, individuals can cultivate a sense of peace and calmness in the home, creating a home environment that is both beautiful and functional.

And man, oh man, are we ready for a change from the hustle culture we have become so acclimated to!

Why Slow Homemaking? (Slow Homemaking Benefits)

Slow homemaking can have a positive impact on our physical, emotional, and environmental well-being. By taking the time to fully engage in our homemaking tasks and appreciate the process of homemaking, we can create a more peaceful and fulfilling environment in our homes.

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How to Bring Back Slow Homemaking in a Fast Paced World

A few simple ways you can ditch the hustle culture and bring slow homemaking into your home is to begin your day with gratitude, create routines, embrace simplicity, schedule and prioritize homemaking tasks, focus on one task at a time, start the day early, practice mindfulness, prioritize rest and relaxation, simplify your schedule, and learn to love and appreciate the hard work it takes to be a good homemaker.

1. Begin Your Day with Gratitude

Beginning your day with gratitude helps you approach your day as a homemaker with a positive mindset, shifting your focus away from negativity and worry.

As a homemaker, starting your day with a positive mindset can help you feel more calm and centered, leaving you feeling confident and motivated to accomplish your daily tasks.

Practicing gratitude is essential in slow homemaking.

2. Create Slow Homemaking Routines

Creating routines in slow homemaking can help you approach your homemaking tasks with more mindfulness and intentionality.

Routines help us create that peaceful and nurturing home environment we all crave by having a flow to our days.

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3. Embrace Simplicity in Slow Homemaking

Embrace your homemaking journey by focusing on what really matters to you.

Is it learning new homemaking skills? Nourishing your family by cooking from scratch? What about cultivating a peaceful home that your family feels supported and loved in?

Evaluate your homemaking routines and decide what will stay and what will have to wait in this specific season of life to reach that goal.

4. Schedule and Prioritize Homemaking Tasks

With all of our many to-do’s as homemakers, scheduling our tasks helps us stay on track of our homemaking responsibilities.

When we have a schedule and a plan, we are less stressed and worried that we might forget something.

Scheduling saves us time, headache, and mental space in our slow homemaking journey.

Prioritization is huge when it comes to slow homemaking. Choose what tasks are important and what can wait.

You can’t do it all- be quick to give yourself grace in that.

5. Focus on One Task at a Time

Slow homemaking really hones in on the process rather than just the outcome.

Homemaking is a beautiful process that we should enjoy, rather than feeling as though we need to balance multiple tasks at once for the sake of getting it done.

Take your time focusing on one specific task and give yourself grace in the fact that everything won’t be perfect.

6. Start the Day Early

Starting the day early gives you more time to accomplish tasks without feeling rushed.

One of the benefits of slowing down as homemakers is accomplishing those tasks without the hustle and overwhelm.

Starting the day early as a homemaker allows you to take your time in whatever task you choose, leaving you less stressed and overwhelmed.

7. Practice Mindfulness

Homemaking is a mindful practice. By being fully present in our tasks, we learn to connect with our experience and take pride in our daily responsibilities as homemakers.

Whether you’re kneading dough, washing dishes, or cleaning the bathroom sink, being fully present and in the moment helps you appreciate the importance of your role as a homemaker.

8. Prioritize Rest and Relaxation in Slow Homemaking

Taking time to rest and recharge is so important.

Prioritizing self-care activities, such as taking a warm bath, diffusing your favorite essential oil blends that promote relaxation, reading a book, or having that cup of coffee in the morning before the kids wake can help you relax and recharge your energy so that you can approach your homemaking tasks with a sense of clarity and motivation.

9. Simplify Your Schedule

As a homemaker, simplifying your schedule can help you create a more intentional and peaceful home life.

Don’t try to do all the things.

Instead delegate or eliminate tasks that are not essential to free up time and reduce the risk of burnout.

10. Learn to Love and Appreciate the Hard Work it Takes to be a Good Homemaker

Homemaking isn’t easy and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. The sooner we learn to love and appreciate the positives we are bringing to our home and our family

Remember, homemaking is a journey- not a destination.

In Conclusion

A few ways you can bring back slow homemaking in a fast-paced world includes:

  • Begin your day with gratitude
  • Create slow homemaking routines
  • Embrace simplicity
  • Schedule and prioritize homemaking tasks
  • Focus on one task at a time
  • Start the day early
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Prioritize rest and relaxation
  • Simplify your schedule
  • Learn to love and appreciate the hard work it takes to be a good homemaker

You got this, fellow homemaker. I’m sending you all my love and encouragement on this slow homemaking journey.

May your home radiate love, wellness, and zing!

Love, Kacie

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