Hi, I’m Kacie!

I’m so excited to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. It’s so nice to meet you! I’m a 36-year-old wife, homeschooling mom of four, nurse, and licensed esthetician. As a Tennessee native, sixth-generation homesteader, and autism mom, my roller coaster journey has led me to rethink traditional practices in medicine and skincare.

During my time in the traditional workforce, I felt increasingly discontent with standard protocols. It seemed to me that many patients were overmedicated and overprescribed when simple herbs, natural products, or lifestyle changes could make a world of difference.

And, uhh, don’t even get me started on skincare! All the nasty chemicals we absorb every day and the excessive toxins our little ones are exposed to from birth was (and still is) just not ok with me.

My son’s autism diagnosis further fueled my determination to challenge conventional Western practices and prioritize safety.

When my youngest was born, I started making natural swaps and crafting non-toxic, homemade products for our family. This passion led to the creation of The Honeyroot, where we focus on helping you live a more self-sufficient lifestyle and create wholesome DIY products that are safe for even the most delicate skin.

Our ancestors had it figured out —so let’s get back to that! At The Honeyroot, we help families live toxin-free, sustainable lives while rediscovering the lost art of self-sufficiency and independence. Here, you’ll find homemade natural skincare products, step-by-step tutorials, and delightful recipes for anyone with a wild hair to join the wholesome living movement (And I really think you should 😉)

I’m so glad you’re here, friend. Let’s take this journey together, because it’s always sweeter with like-minded people in your corner. I’ll be in yours.

love, Kacie