15+ Tips to Stop Being a Lazy Stay at Home Mom Today

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So, you’ve been feeling like a pretty lazy stay at home mom lately and you’re looking for some productivity tips to help you kick the slump and get motivated on your stay at home mom journey?

If anyone understands this, it’s me, friend.

When I was a working mom pregnant with my fourth son, I knew that I didn’t want to return to work after maternity leave. We didn’t have child care- our family members have jobs and we weren’t willing to send our baby elsewhere.

But I also knew that being home all day and no longer have two working parents in the home was going to be quite the adjustment- and not just financially.

I knew first thing that I was going to have to come up with a daily routine that would allow me to keep a clean house while taking care of the kids and trying to be the best version of myself even amidst postpartum depression.

It was not easy. And being lazy was a battle for me in the beginning.

I totally get it – we all have those moments when the couch seems comfier than anything else, and our to-do list feels like a mile long.

But trust me, we’ve got the power to shake off the laziness, make the most of our days, and give our family and ourselves a home life so fulfilling and beautiful as full time stay at home moms.

And I’ve compiled a list of practical tips to help you make it happen. This list is sure to help you conquer the “lazy mom” trap and embrace your role with energy and purpose.

The 15 Tips to stop being a lazy stay at home mom are: Wake up before the kids, get your mindset right, morning brain dump, set small goals, create a flexible routine, schedule chores, create lists, limit distractions, limit social media, use a timer, exercise regularly, nourish your body and stay hydrated, bring the outdoors in, schedule breaks, connect with other moms, and reward yourself.

1. Wake Up Before The Kids

I know mornings can be tough, especially if sleep is scarce. But here’s the thing – the way we start our day often sets the tone for the rest of it. So, let’s try waking up just a bit earlier than the kids (I know, it’s precious sleep, but bear with me). Use this quiet time to sip your coffee, meditate, or simply gather your thoughts.


Being a stay at home mom is hard work so taking some quiet time in the morning to collect your thoughts allows you to clear your mind and does wonders for your mental health.

This clarity helps you prioritize tasks and focus on what’s most important for the day ahead, giving yourself a head start to tackle the day.

It doesn’t have to be two hours or even one hour before. Even 15 minutes earlier than everyone else can make a big difference.

2. Get Your Mindset Right Through Gratitude & Prayer

A positive mindset can help reduce stress and anxiety. When you start your day with positivity, you’re more likely to approach challenges and daily tasks with a calm and composed attitude.

Positive thoughts can boost your motivation and enthusiasm for the day’s tasks. You’ll be more eager to tackle your responsibilities and engage with your children when you’re in a positive frame of mind.

I do this while giving thanks every morning, thanking God for these children and possessions He’s entrusted me with.

I know cleaning the kitchen isn’t considered “glamourous”, but when you think about it in the sense of what a blessing it is to have good food to feed your family, then the mess of making dinner doesn’t seem like such a burden to clean up.

3. Morning Brain Dump Productivity Hack for Lazy Stay at Home Moms

Ever heard of a ‘brain dump’? It’s pretty much a mental refresh button.

You know how we have a million thoughts running through our heads all day? Well, that can sometimes lead to feeling stuck, not knowing where to start.

So, here’s what I do: I take just a few minutes in the morning to jot down everything that’s on my mind onto a piece of paper- basically decluttering my thoughts and freeing up mental space.

It helps me see what needs my attention, prioritize tasks, and create a clear plan for the day. Trust me, it’s like a mental weight lifted off your shoulders.

So, whether it’s chores, fun activities with the kids, or your own personal goals, give this brain dump a try. It’s my little secret to kicking the lazy stay at home mom habit and makes for a more productive and enjoyable day!

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4. Set Small Goals

I’ve found this little trick that’s been a lifesaver for me as a stay-at-home mom, and I think you’ll love it too. It’s all about setting small goals during the day.

You already know that the big picture of everything we need to get done can feel super overwhelming. And I totally get it. But breaking things down into bite-sized tasks? That’s the secret sauce!

So, here’s the deal: Instead of looking at the mountain of stuff we have to tackle, let’s chop it up into smaller, doable pieces.

Like, if you’ve got a million chores, pick just one or two to focus on at a time. Or if you’re planning activities with the kiddos, break it down into easy steps.

The best part? When you finish each mini-goal, you get this amazing sense of accomplishment. I feel like doing a little victory dance every time I check something off my list.

And guess what? That feeling of accomplishment is a fantastic motivator when it comes to getting out of the habit of being a lazy stay at home mom!

It gives you that extra oomph to keep going and tackle the next task on your list. Plus, it makes your day feel more manageable and less overwhelming.

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5. Create a Flexible Routine to Conquer that Lazy Stay at Home Mom Habit

I used to think routine meant being super strict and inflexible, but boy, was I wrong. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between structure and adaptability.

Plan a loose schedule for your day. It includes things like playtime with the kids, tackling chores, and making time for yourself.

But here’s the magic part – you’re not a slave to the clock! You’re still getting stuff done, but without the stress of constantly watching the time.

So, hear me out: You’ve got a general idea of what needs to happen during the day, but you also leave room for those unexpected twists and turns that parenthood throws our way.

If the kids want to spend a bit more time playing at the park or they need extra cuddles, you can roll with it. No stress!

This flexible routine has been a lifesaver for me because it gives me some structure, but it also allows me to be present and adaptable.

It’s like the best of both worlds.

Find that balance between having a plan and going with the flow. You’ll feel more in control, less stressed, and you’ll still be a super productive ( and won’t consider yourself a lazy stay-at-home mom anymore)!

6. Schedule Chores To Keep You On Task

Scheduling chores helps me stay ahead of the mess.

I used to think chores were this never-ending, chaotic mess, but scheduling them? Total lifesaver.

Here’s the lowdown: Instead of letting chores pile up or doing them randomly when I “felt like it,” I started scheduling them.

This lazy stay at home mom productivity tips is like giving your day a structure, and it makes a world of difference.

First off, it helps you stay organized. You know exactly what needs to be done, when, and how often. No more last-minute panics or forgetting important stuff.

But here’s the real magic: It frees up your mental space. When you know that, say, Thursday is laundry day and Friday is vacuum day, you don’t have to constantly worry about it. It’s already in the plan!

Plus, scheduling chores can make them feel less overwhelming. Instead of staring at a mountain of cleaning, you’re breaking it into manageable chunks. It’s like, “Today, I’ll tackle this, and tomorrow, that.” It’s a game-changer for your productivity and peace of mind.

And ya know what? It makes your family more accountable too. They know what’s on the schedule, so it’s easier to get them involved. Team effort, right?

Grab a planner or use your phone, and start scheduling those chores. It’s not about being a supermom; it’s about making your life easier and more organized.

You’ll be amazed at how it lightens the load and frees you up for more quality time with the kiddos.

7. Embrace the Power of Lists

Seriously, lists are like our secret weapon against stay at home mom laziness, and they’ve been a total game-changer for me.

Whenever you’ve got a bunch of stuff to tackle and you’re feeling like a lazy stay at home mom, just jot it all down. I mean everything – from grocery shopping and laundry to those random little tasks that pop into your head.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing it all laid out on paper.

And the best part is knocking things off that list like, “Yes, I did that!”

But it’s not just about the feel-good factor. Lists keep us focused and prevent that nagging feeling of, “Oh no, I’m forgetting something important!”

When it’s all there in black and white, you can relax knowing you’ve got a plan. Plus, it helps you prioritize – you can tackle the must-dos first and save the less urgent stuff for later.

So, my friend, give lists a shot. Trust me, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

8. Put Away Distractions When You’re Feeling Like a Lazy Stay at Home Mom

I mean, it’s no secret that we’ve got a million things vying for our attention, right? But trust me, getting those distractions out of the way is like a productivity boost on steroids.

We often underestimate how much time we lose to those little interruptions – the constant pings from our phones, the TV in the background, or even that pile of clutter in the corner of the room. They sneakily steal our focus and zap our productivity.

So, here’s my friendly advice: When it’s time to get stuff done, make a conscious effort to put away those distractions. Silence your phone or put it in another room if you can. Turn off the TV unless it’s specifically kiddo-friendly time. And that clutter? Well, let’s tackle that later.

By creating a focused environment, you’re giving yourself the gift of uninterrupted time. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you’re not constantly pulled in a dozen different directions.

And it sets a good example for the kiddos about the importance of focused work.

Now, I get it; life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, you can’t avoid every distraction. But even if you manage to reduce them a bit, you’ll notice a big difference in your productivity.

Which brings me to my next tip…

9. Limit Social Media

Limiting social media as a stay-at-home parent can be one of the little things that make the biggest difference in your day- I promise.

Yes, social media can be a great place to connect with mom friends and find support, but it’s so important to recognize when it’s taking away from the most important things in your life.

Instead of scrolling through endless feeds during your morning routine or nap time, try setting aside short, designated periods for social media use.

By prioritizing other things like healthy food, household chores, and quality time with your little ones, you’ll end the day feeling more fulfilled and connected, with enough time to tackle the next thing on your list.

Remember, being a good mom isn’t about how much money you make or how much work you accomplish; it’s about being present and making the most of every moment with your kids.

Just give it a shot. Put down the phone, enjoy a play date or DIY project, and embrace the joy of stay-at-home parenting with utmost respect for your role in your family’s life.

10. Use a Timer

It’s seriously been a game-changer for me as a stay-at-home mom, and I think you’ll love it too.

You know how our to-do lists seem never-ending, and sometimes, it’s hard to even start because it feels so overwhelming? That’s where the timer comes in. It turns your tasks into manageable chunks.

So, let’s say you’ve got a pile of laundry staring at you. Instead of thinking, “Ugh, I have to do ALL this,” set your timer for, say, 20 minutes. Tell yourself, “I’m going to tackle this laundry for just 20 minutes.” It’s like a mini-challenge.

When you work with a timer, you’re more focused and efficient. You’re not endlessly folding socks; you’re racing against the clock. It’s surprisingly fun! Plus, knowing there’s an end in sight makes it easier to start.

But here’s the real kicker: When the timer goes off, you can stop guilt-free, even if the task isn’t entirely done. You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish in those short bursts of focused work.

And it’s not just for chores – you can use it for anything. Playtime with the kids, work on a personal project, or even self-care. It helps you avoid burnout because you’re giving yourself regular breaks.

So, my friend, grab a timer or use an app on your phone. Try it out, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can conquer, one timer at a time!

11. Get Regular Exercise to Kick That Lazy Stay at Home Mom Feeling

Trust me on this one; it’s not just about fitting into those jeans; it’s about supercharging your day!

We spend a lot of time taking care of everyone else, right? But taking care of yourself is the key to being the best mom you can be.

First off, it’s a natural energy booster. I know, it sounds counterintuitive, but expending a bit of energy during a workout actually gives you more energy overall.

Exercise also reduces stress. We all have those moments when the kids are testing your patience. And a good workout can help you stay cool, calm, and collected.

It releases endorphins – those happy hormones – that make you feel on top of the world.

Exercise can make you more productive. When you move your body, it helps clear your mind. I find that I’m more focused and efficient after a workout. It feels like I’ve hit the mental reset button and helps me tremendously when it comes to feeling like a lazy stay at home mom.

Now, I get it – finding time to exercise can be a challenge. But you don’t need hours at the gym. Even a quick 20-minute workout at home or a brisk walk with the kiddos can do wonders.

When you take care of your well-being, you’re better equipped to take care of your family and tackle the day with enthusiasm. You’ve got this!

12. Nourish Your Body & Stay Hydrated

Trust me, my dear friend, this is like the fuel that powers your productivity as a stay-at-home mom.

As moms, we’re juggling a million things, and it’s easy to forget about ourselves. But taking care of your body is like giving yourself superpowers for the day.

First off, breakfast – don’t skip it! It kickstarts your metabolism and gives you the energy to tackle the morning chaos. Even a quick and simple breakfast can make a world of difference.

Now, let’s talk about water. Staying hydrated is a total game-changer. Dehydration can make you feel tired, irritable, and less focused. Keep a water bottle handy and sip throughout the day. It’s like a brain boost!

And, girl, snacks. Healthy snacks can keep your energy levels steady. Think fruits, nuts, or yogurt. When you’re not crashing from a sugar high, you can be more productive.

Lunchtime? Don’t forget it! It’s a chance to refuel for the afternoon. Even if it’s a speedy sandwich or leftovers, make it a point to nourish your body.

Eating well and staying hydrated isn’t just about physical health. It impacts your mood and mental clarity. When you’re fueled up, you’re more patient with the kids, and you can think more clearly when handling household tasks.

So, my wonderful friend, treat your body with love and care. It’s your ally in this beautiful, messy journey of motherhood. Nourish it, hydrate it, and watch how it powers up your productivity and well-being.

13. Bring The Outdoors In

First off, let’s talk about that glorious natural light. Throw open those curtains and blinds during the day.

Sunlight is like an instant mood booster. It makes your space feel more vibrant and can give you an energy boost. Plus, it’s great for your health and sleep patterns. So, let the sun do its thing!

Next up, the windows. Crack ’em open whenever you can. Fresh air is like a reset button for your mind.

It helps clear out any stuffiness and can be a lifesaver, especially during those days when you’re cooped up inside.

And you know what? It’s a simple pleasure we often overlook.

Now, plants! Oh, I can’t stress this enough. Having a few indoor plants not only makes your space look lovely, but they also have this calming effect.

It’s like having a touch of nature right there in your living room. And they’re not high-maintenance; even I can keep them alive!

So, why does all of this matter for productivity? Well, a well-lit, fresh, and green environment can do wonders for your mood and focus.

It makes your home feel more inviting and less like a chore zone. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with nature, even when you can’t always be outside.

14. Schedule Breaks

As moms, we often think we have to go full throttle, non-stop, right? But that’s a fast track to burnout. Scheduling short, regular breaks is like a lifeline. It gives you a chance to catch your breath and recharge, which, in turn, makes you more productive.

Think of it this way: Our brains aren’t meant to be on constant overdrive. They need moments of rest to function at their best.

So, plan those breaks strategically. Maybe it’s a 10-minute breather to sip some tea or a quick walk around the yard. Heck, even just sitting down with a magazine for a few minutes can work wonders.

During these breaks, you’re not wasting time; you’re investing it in your well-being.

You come back to your tasks with renewed focus and energy. It’s amazing how a little pause can make a big difference in your overall productivity.

Oh, and remember, breaks aren’t just for you – they benefit your family too. When you’re refreshed and less stressed, you can give them your best self, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

15. Connect with Other Moms

We’re all in this together, right? Reach out to fellow moms, share your goals, and encourage each other. Sometimes, a bit of mom-to-mom pep talk can be just the push we need.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a beautiful journey, but it’s also a job that requires energy and dedication. With these tips, we can ditch the “lazy” label and embrace our role with enthusiasm and purpose.

16. Reward Yourself

Remember, you’re a superhero, even on those days when your cape seems more like a cozy blanket. Give yourself a treat – it could be a bit of guilt-free TV time, a bubble bath, or your favorite dessert. Rewarding yourself is a sweet way to celebrate your accomplishments.

To Wrap Things Up…

A few hacks that have helped me stop being a lazy stay at home mom are:

  • Wake up before the kids
  • Get your mindset right through gratitude and prayer
  • Do a morning brain dump
  • Set small goals
  • Create a flexible routine
  • Schedule chores
  • Create lists
  • Put away distractions
  • Limit social media
  • Use a timer
  • Exercise regularly
  • Nourish your body and stay hydrated
  • Bring the outdoors in
  • Schedule breaks
  • Connect with other moms
  • Reward yourself

Friend, you’ve got this. I’m right here cheering you on. And remember always always give yourself grace. Sometimes it’s ok to just not be productive.

It’s even ok to have a lazy day or two. When we have those days that we just feel blah, rest, hydrate yourself, and give yourself grace.

-Love Kacie

What are some of your tips to kick stay at home mom laziness. Let me know in the comments!

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