Christmas Unit Studies and Curriculum for Homeschoolers

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Homeschooling offers the flexibility to infuse joy, creativity, and festivity into your curriculum, especially during the holiday season. One engaging and interactive way to do this is through Christmas unit studies and curriculum.

Although we highly recommend “A Connected Christmas” by Treehouse Schoolhouse as our top Christmas unit study, we have some amazing alternatives that are more affordable and just as wonderful.

In this article, we’ll get into what unit studies are, why Christmas unit studies can be a delightful addition to your homeschool, and highlight some fantastic options to consider.


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What are Unit Studies?

A unit study is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that revolves around a central theme or topic. It integrates various subjects, such as history, literature, science, and art, into a cohesive and immersive learning experience.

This method encourages depth of understanding, critical thinking, and hands-on activities.

Why Choose Christmas Unit Studies and Curriculum?

Christmas unit studies bring the magic of the season into your homeschool, offering a unique blend of fun and educational exploration.

These studies provide an opportunity to explore the rich traditions, history, and cultural aspects of Christmas while incorporating a variety of subjects in an engaging manner.

Christmas Unit Studies and Curriculum for Homeschoolers

1. A Connected Christmas” by Treehouse Schoolhouse

A Connected Christmas” by Treehouse Schoolhouse is a delightful unit study designed to bring families together during the holiday season.

This unit study embraces the spirit of connection, offering a holistic approach to learning that intertwines academic subjects with meaningful, hands-on activities.


Through engaging lessons and festive projects, students explore the themes of gratitude, generosity, and community, fostering a sense of togetherness.

From literature and math to art and science, “A Connected Christmas” aims to create memorable and educational experiences that go beyond traditional classroom boundaries, making the holiday season a time of joy, learning, and connection for the whole family.

What’s included:

  • Teacher’s Guide with weekly grids, daily lesson plans, recipes, and handcraft instructions, 42 pages
  • Set of Student Sheets with scripture, artwork, poetry, and hymn display sheets with copywork pages, 20 pages
  • Narration Notebook (we suggest you print additional notebooks for each child in your family), 17 pages

2. “Adoration at the Manger: A Christmas Hymn Study” by Not Consumed

Adoration at the Manger: A Christmas Hymn Study” by Not Consumed is a unique and enriching unit study centered around the joyous theme of Christmas hymns.

This study goes beyond the typical holiday curriculum, focusing on the significance and beauty of Christmas through the lens of timeless hymns.


It explores the historical and cultural context of each hymn, delving into the rich stories behind the songs that celebrate the birth of Christ.

Through engaging lessons, reflective activities, and creative expressions, students not only deepen their understanding of the Christmas story but also develop a profound appreciation for the musical heritage that accompanies the season.

Adoration at the Manger” offers a harmonious blend of faith, music, and education, making it a meaningful addition to the festive learning experience.

Hymns included in this study are:

  • O Come, All Ye Faithful
  • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem
  • While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
  • What Child Is This
  • In The Bleak Mid-Winter
  • Joy To The World

3. Tidings: A Historical Study of Christmas” by The Homeschool Historian

This Christmas unit study takes you on a historical journey through Christmas.

Tidings” is expected to last four weeks and briefly covers pre-Christian Europe, the biblical account of the birth of Christ, the early church, the Middle Ages, the American colonial period, and 19th-20th Century America.


The curriculum guide is Eurocentric and Western in its approach (not to dismiss Christmas celebrations around the world, but to uncover why modern America celebrates the way that it does today).

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4. Uncovering Mercies at the Manger” by Not Consumed

This unit study combines devotionals and hands-on activities to explore the mercies found at the manger. It offers a unique perspective on the Christmas story, fostering spiritual growth and meaningful reflection during the holiday season.


This 25-day Bible study is a beautiful and purposeful way to lead up to Christmas day. As you work through each lesson, marvel at the goodness of God in sending His Son to be the perfect gift to this lost and hurting world.

What’s Included:

  • Available in 4 age levels that fit together perfectly.
  • Each lesson has a consistent key truth, key Scripture, and central theme no matter what age level your kids are working in.
  • Each study in the family Bible study bundle also comes with an Uncovering Mercies at the Manger sticker pack. 

5. “A Gentle + Classical Christmas

A Gentle + Classical Christmas” is a 4-week Christmas unit study for your entire family, featuring living picture books, hands-on activities, scripture and catechism memory, Christmas hymns, Bible reading plans, family liturgical-style prayers, a Christmas tradition menu, a Nativity storyboard, and so much more!


You’ll find ways that all of your family members can be engaged in this Christmastide guide!

What’s Included:

  • Catechism (Christmas-focused)
  • Scripture memory
  • Christmas Poetry
  • Christmas Hymns
  • Living Book selections
  • Daily Scripture reading (3 options, but our custom plan has the scripture readings as a pretty printable)
  • 4 weeks of Christmas Through Scripture reading with a beautiful watercolor storyboard
  • Memory Statement cards for Catechism and scripture
  • Hymn sheet music and Poetry designed so you can slide them into a menu
  • 4 multi-age handicrafts
  • Acts of kindness each unit
  • Prompts for story discussions
  • Modifications for the crafts
  • Additional exploration ideas for each unit
  • Christmas tradition menu
  • Christmas book menu
  • Simple math activities
  • Christmas scavenger hunt

The entire program is 99 pages long.

The PRINT VERSION includes a saddle-stitched, 36-page guide and a stack of 63 pages of printables including the memory statement cards, storyboard, etc. 

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6. “Christmas Around the Campfire” by Campfire Curriculums

Watch your children’s eyes light up as they hear a whole new narrative and get to learn from a brand new set of experiential activities designed to forever keep the story of our Savior’s birth on their hearts.

Our unit is Charlotte Mason inspired and is in living book format (through the eyes of the shepherds) which is unlike any other.

Anyone who has been to Children’s Church or done a standard Christmas school activity has heard about the Candy Cane being a “J” for “Jesus” or representative of the “Shepherd’s Staff;” We’ve all read and re-read the story of the angel coming to Mary. 

We’ve all seen baby Jesus in the manger scene.  Sometimes, repetition can cause the true account to lose its significance in the heart of the hearer. 

So, we didn’t do away with it; we just brought it in a new light  …still marinated in holiday tradition.

When your family sits down with these units, all of the holiday hustle and bustle will melt away, leaving you focused on the time you have here and now with your loved ones. 

The bonding, the holiday feel, the focus on Jesus, the connection with each other… it all happens in this unit.

What’s Included:

  • 12 open-and-go lessons
  • ALL guidebooks included to cover the whole family, ages pre-reader to adult
    • All guidebooks are specifically choreographed to be used together
  • Core Connections are included, to extend this into an all-in-one unit study, covering multiple school subjects (all ages)
  • Just download, use on any device (or print, if desired) and go!
  • Downloads appear immediately after purchase on your device screen and can ALSO be accessed through your account page through any device, unlimited downloads
  • You get to keep your products forever, to be reused over and over again as the children grow
  • Optional Book Lists, included for free
  • Optional shopping list (minimal – most or all items can be found around the home!)

7. “Christmas Around the World” by Freedom Homeschooling (Free Christmas Unit Studies)

Our free “Christmas Around the World” unit studies each last five days. Other than a recipe on the 5th day, they require zero prep or purchases.

There are no books to buy; everything is free online. Choose just one country, or pick four units for a full month (or more!) of learning about other countries’ Christmas traditions, cultures, and geography.


Christmas unit studies add a touch of magic and purpose to your homeschooling journey.

By integrating various subjects into a cohesive exploration of the season, these studies not only make learning enjoyable but also create lasting memories.

Consider incorporating these featured unit studies into your Christmas homeschool plans, embracing the joy of learning in the spirit of the holidays.

And, as always, wishing you and your family a zingy homeschool experience, my friend.

-Love, Kacie

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  1. These look like fun Christmas unit studies to do with the kids. I have tried to do unit studies a handful of times throughout my homeschooling journey, but we are a vast tech family, so it didn’t fly over too well. But so many homeschooling families swear by them.

    1. It’s very hands on, which I think is such a wonderful thing to do with the kiddos. But I do face some challenges with having a 2 year old in the mix. The hands on doesn’t go as smoothly as I’d like. I’m excited to be able to do more when he’s a little bigger and isn’t trying to destroy the older boys’ homeschool fun lol

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